Every Single Day in April we will post a way to

Cure Mother Earth, leading to the #1 way for 2021!


Get creative with Gift Wrapping

- Wrapping Paper, Bows etc are a waste to the environment... Reuse them as much as possible, including boxes or recycle what you can. Get creative with newspapers, maps, magazines etc. 


Hang up those clothes!

-Hang dry your clothes outside to help the environment. Your clothes last longer, you save energy and money!


Use less Wipes!

-Did you know disposable wipes cause harm to our environment! Wipes, usually contain plastic fibers, and pose a danger to animals that mistake plastic bags and wipes for their natural jellyfish prey.


Get an Automatic Nozzle for your Garden Hose!

-Did you know that a standard garden hose uses 10 gallons per minute? So if you’re washing your car... that’s a lot of water. Using an automatic shutoff nozzle can save 70 gallons per car wash!


Maintain Your Vehicle 

-Making sure your vehicle is maintained is important. If your vehicle’s engine is running correctly, filters changed, and tires filled it can reduce pollution. 


P.s empty your trunk, extra weight in your car burns more Gas.


Cancel those statements!

-Your bank statements can now be sent to you through email, which is easier to keep organized in a folder on your computer. Just don’t forget to back up your files! Try organizing your files by year and month to make it easier to find. 


Don’t Do Half Loads!

-Wait to wash your clothes until you have a full load of laundry. You’ll be conserving more energy by using the washer less. You’ll also be saving water. An ENERGY STAR certified washer uses 14 gallons of water per load, while a standard washing machine uses 20 gallons of water per load.


Switch to E-Tickets!

-Switch to E-tickets from everything like, Airplane tickets, Movie Tickets, Event tickets and more. This is also super Convienient, you’ll always have your phone, and tickets with you. No more forgetting them at home!


Recycle your Old Phones!

-In the US, approximately 150 million cellphones are thrown out annually. Try to resell them, or there are many recycle companies that will pay for your old phone. You get cash and you get to help Cure Mother Earth.


Always Recycle Glass! 

-Got a glass bottle? Make sure you collect and recycle all glass bottles. Glass produced from recycled glass reduces related air pollution by 20% and related water pollution by 50%.


Reuse Your Plastic Bag's

-Don’t forget your reusable plastic bags when you go grocery shopping. Using reusable bags can save the lives of more than a million seabirds and 100,000 marine animals every year.


Energy Efficient lights! 

-Make sure that you are using energy efficient lightbulbs. These are easy to find at your local store, you can save $75 each year. ... Typically use about 25%-80% less energy



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