Comfort Build-a-Bag's



To date there have been 4,225 custom Build-a-Bags delivered to children’s hospitals and counting!

Due to COVID19 this program is on pause. 

We still collect toys and donations, and plan to be back at the hospital later this year.


Our Comfort Build-a-Bags are a powerful way to help children through a difficult time. It can be lonely and scary in the hospital especially when you are young. Each bag can make a kid feel special, and they truly are!

Children experience stress and anxiety during their medical treatments and hospital stays. When stress gets to be too much, it can take a toll on their health and wellbeing. That’s why effective stress relievers such as our Comfort Build-a-Bag program are essential in restoring inner peace and mental health.

Comfort Build-a-Bags bags are designed specifically for each All Star diagnosed, and their parents. Volunteers, fill bags with things such as coloring & activity books, stuffed animals, blankets, playing cards, gift cards and many more various items. 

Our great volunteers and donors help make this all possible. Our Kohl’s team has been a great help by donating time to help create custom bags, and delivering them to the children. Thousands of bags have been given to children in the hospital. Our ultimate goal is to go national, delivering smiles to kids across the U.S.


How Can I Donate?

Donate Monthly

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Kids Cures Foundation
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For further information please contact our office at

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