Comfort K-9 Program

What is a therapy dog?

Therapy dogs are always there to help a child with their condition. With the love, and support these fantastic dogs help to lift a child's spirit. Our K-9's provide many kids with comfort, affection, love and happiness. 

Many therapy dogs serve many purposes including helping kids with learning difficulties, helping doctors with mental and physical therapy, helping kids remain calm in many difficult situations, and bringing comfort to kids that are recovering from crisis. 

Therapy dogs are trained to be obideint in every way. Spending time with kids can help the physical, mental, social and even emotional aspects of child's well being. Comfort K-9's help bring down blood pressure, heart rate, and risk of heart attack or stroke when they are with a child. A visit or even having your own therapy dog, can reduce anxiety without the need for medication. 

Many therapy dogs are brought to children in the hospital, but our program has assisted children with their own dogs trained and donated to children who need a companion. These dogs pictured on this page, have provided our All Star kids with a friend. 

Comfort K-9 Dogs provide mental benefits such as decreasing stress, anxiety, loneliness, and increases in socialization, mental stimulation, attention skills, verbal interactions, and self esteem. Some physical benefits are, decreases in blood pressure, and heart rate. Some increases are, hormones that help well-being of a child, including, beta-endorphin, beta-phenylethylamine, dopamine, oxytocin, prolactin and serotonin. Some increases in levels of fitness by stimulating exercise  improving fine motor skills, balance, and more. 

This program continues to provide children dogs that have many benefits. Mainly Comfort K-9's provide comfort, affection, love and happiness.