Cure Mother Earth


"We Only Have One Planet. Let's Protect it Together"

Cure Mother Earth is a program dedicated to our amazing planet, which we all live on together. Kids and adults come together to do amazing things like recycle, conserve energy, and learn new tips on helping Mother Earth in any way possible. 

This program in the past has gathered people of all ages to garden in our Garden of Hope, collect trash in fields, create unique crafts out of recycled materials, and most importantly spread the awareness! 

Cures Club and Volunteers have done so much for our planet and each year we have our Earth Month celebration. Where we use the power of social media to show love for our planet. We also have our yearly Cure Mother Earth event to garden, recycle and more. 

This program continues to connect our planet to child health issues like asthma, lung cancer and more. When our air is smoggy, lakes dirty, and public areas a mess it can cause health issues for children of all ages. But together we all help in some little way, and the world starts to heal. Together we can

Cure Mother Earth.