Cures Club


What is Cures Club?

This program is all about kids helping other kids in need. Through our various programs Cures Club has helped Cure Hunger Now, Cure Mother Earth, create cards for kids in the hospital, garden in the Garden of Hope, and more! Kids and teens have done so much to help many people in need, and it's just the beginning. 

Anyone that volunteers is a part of Cures Club, and it’s as simple to join as it is to volunteer. Kids and teens of all ages are always welcome to come by our office or events and fill out a volunteer form with parents signature and company. Cures Club is the best place for kids and teens to learn about the importance of helping other people in need. 

In this day and age it can be hard for kids to get involved in anything other than their friends, phones and life in general. As days and years go by, we forget that there are people in need, kids who are sick in the hospital, and families who struggle to feed their children with enough food on the table. Cures Club is all about kids helping other kids in need. As we like to say “Volunteers make it happen!” and members of Cures Club are volunteers with a cool club! 

Cures Club in the past has done fundraisers and participated in many of our events. Recently Cures Club has been a huge help with our Cure Hunger Now Program backing bags of food for families. Cures Club has also been helping out with packing bags for other children through our Cure Hunger Now Back Pack Program--feeding kids over the weekend at a partnered school. Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts have participated in this program as well, helping those in need. 


In the future we hope to bring Cures Club to many schools with programs like recycling, fundraising, decorating card for kids in the hospital, crafts and more. We need your help to get this started, if you are interested please contact us at