What is Earth Month?


We only have one planet, so together we can help protect it. Earth Month brings a full month of non stop reminders to care about our planet. One of our programs Cure Mother Earth, helps to get kids and parents involved in recycling at home and more! Each day you will see tips to help the planet on our Social Media networks, so keep an eye out!


Each Monday in April is Special, starting April 6 you can find articles with five tips to Cure Mother Earth leading to a total of 20 top ways to help the planet! The Weekly Quote by Tatiana is all new each Monday with a bonus Earth Month Quote! Additionally this year we are starting a Weekly Challenge for you to try at home! 


Curing Mother Earth is more than just recycling, and conserving energy, its about doing that and more. With awareness together we can celebrate our great planet by helping it. It isn’t just about this month, it’s about Curing Mother Earth all year long! Visit this site weekly for more information! 


Are you in for the Challenge? 

Earth Month Challenges:

all challenges are here!

Earth Month 2020 is Over, but all the tips remain available all year long! See you next year and make sure you follow us on social media for more Cure Mother Earth information.

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