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September Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit

On September 19, the Kids Cures Foundation and partner Kohl’s Cares visited children in the hospital delivering our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to children. This visit we had a total of 29 bag’s packed and personalized to each child’s age and condition. Kids are asked what they are interested in a day before and we create a unique bag just for them! Comfort Build-a-Bag’s are packed at our headquarters by volunteers. With each visit can come changes to the list, as kids may leave early, change rooms or they are added on.

Volunteers come together to quickly organize and communicate bags in order to smoothly deliver bags up and down the hospital hallways. Kids Cures volunteers and Kohl’s Cares volunteers come together and create a positive atmosphere for kids and their families. Princess Belle, Spiderman, Batman and Capitan America help visit each room, bringing excitement to each room.

Just moments before we delivered a Comfort Build-a-Bag to a young girl, she had just undergone treatment. According to the nurse she was tough, and didn’t need to be sedated. When we visited her room she smiled, took photos with characters and thanked us for her Comfort Build-a-Bag. A few rooms down another young girl was surprised to see us visit her, when the nurse opened the door she was frowning, but once she saw our characters and volunteers she smiled with excitement. Her mom told us that she hasn’t smiled in days, and this is exactly what our Comfort Build-a-Bag program strives for. Creating special moments for kids to get their minds off their treatments and onto some fun, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Items in the bag’s go on to keep kids occupied with toys, coloring books, and more.

Our last room also contained another young girl who was unable to speak, but she thanked us in her own special way. It is always a pleasure to visit the hospital with our volunteers, and we hope to continue to make magical moments for kids. Thank you to our sponsors and donors who supply our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s with items for these amazing children. See you all again on October 17 for a very special Halloween Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit.

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