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Personalized Comfort Build-a-Bag's get delivered to the Hospital.

Our Program, Comfort Build-a-Bag provides bags of comfort to children dealing with treatments in the hospital. On this most recent visit to Kaiser Fontana we delivered our bags and more such as; stuffed animals, books, blankets and hand crafted Halloween Cards.

Kohl’s Cares and volunteers helped carry our Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to each room with the help of Princess Belle, Captain America, and Spider-Man. Each bag is packed towards each child’s age and condition. Some kids received blankets created by Kohl’s EFC Unit which helped provide them with even more Comfort.

We walked through the hallways and met some great kids along the way. One girl received her bag from Princess Belle, inside was a crown that matched her purple pj’s and a doll. A young boy received his bag from Spider-Man and Captain America. He was all smiles and wanted to open his bag right then and there with two of his favorite super heroes. Together they pulled out each item to show the young boy.

Our visits always have touching moments, and we hope that each child enjoyed their Comfort Build-a-Bag. Stay tuned to our site for the next visit!

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