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Earth Month 2020: Tips #10-6 CountDown

Earth Month is all about awareness for the planet, and we think the best way to get people motivated to help the planet is to give them some tips on how to do just that. So each Monday in April, 5 tips will be revealed, counting down to the #1 tip for 2020.

10. Try to buy recycled products whenever you can. This is a good way to reduce your carbon footprint. Read labels at the supermarket, and stores to make sure they have been recycled. Packing or the actual item.

9. This is a small thing, but do not litter. Trash can harm wildlife and leak harmful chemicals into the earth.

8. Park further away at the store. Parking further away whenever you can, reduces the amount of air pollution by a little bit. You spend less time looking for a parking, which means you put less pollution into the air. Stay safe and in well lit areas.

7. Reduce your food waste. In the U.S. we waste about 40% of our food each year. Wasted food usually ends up in landfills and eventually turns into a destructive greenhouse gas called methane.

6. Less food packaging is good. Did you know that food packaging makes up almost two thirds of total packaging waste in the United States. This included cheese stick wrappers, plastic containers, and more!! Try looking for recycled packaging.

Check back soon for the Final tips of 2020!!!

Share these tips using Hashtag's #CureMotherEarth and #KidsCures

We Only Have One Planet, Let's Protect it Together.

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