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Belle and Super Mario Return for the First Visit of the Year!

Comfort Build-a-Bag program brings items to children in the hospital like toys, blankets, coloring books and more! Each month volunteers from Kohls Cares help deliver these bags and items to children in the Hospital. Currently we are still following COVID-19 restrictions like a limited number of characters and volunteers in the hospital.

On this visit Belle and everyones favorite video game character, Super Mario returned to the hospital. Together they went from room to room visiting children and delivering Comfort Build-a-Bag items. Each visit brings smiles to children in the hospital, getting their minds off of treatments and onto some fun! On this visit kids received various goodies, like toys, blankets, coloring books, stuffed animals and so much more! As our first visit this year, we look forward to the rest! Thank you volunteers and Kohls Cares!

Stay tuned for the next visit, and enjoy some photos below:


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