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Spider-Man Delivers Comfort Build-a-Bag's To Children in the Hospital with the help of Volunteers

On our latest Comfort Build-a-Bag visit to the hospital, volunteers from Kohl’s Cares and Kids Cures joined forces once again with Spider-Man to bring smiles to children. This heartwarming project aims to deliver personalized bags filled with goodies to young patients, ensuring they feel comforted and entertained during their stay.

Each bag is carefully tailored to suit the child's medical condition, age, and gender. Thanks to the collaborative effort of volunteers and sponsors, these bags include a variety of items such as toys, blankets, activity books, coloring books, and more. The essence of customization ensures that every child receives a gift that resonates with them, brightening up their stay in the hospital.

The presence of characters like Spider-Man add an extra layer of excitement and magic, making the delivery of these special bags a memorable experience for children. Stay tuned for the next vist at the end of May. Thank you to Sponsor Kohls Cares for making this all happen!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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