Do you know what Cord Blood is? It's Cord Blood Awareness Month!

You might be wondering what is cord blood and why does it sound so familiar? That’s because there has been lots of talk about the way cord blood can heal people. Cord blood is blood from a babies umbilical cord and is a source for stem cells. There are many diseases that can be cured with cord blood like acute and chronic forms of leukemia. Autism and cerebral palsy are in phase 1 & 2 for clinical trials. Cord blood is truly a miracle for some, and trials are promising for for hearing loss, pre-natal stroke, traumatic brain injury and cancers. To date, there are more than 80 diseases being treated with umbilical cord blood and tissue


If you want to save cord blood for your own family you can use a cord blood bank. It safely and securely stores the blood within the child’s umbilical cord. There are public and private cord blood banks. Make sure you use a private one to save cord blood if a member in your family ends up needing it to help treat an illness. Your child will need a perfect match, and this is especially vital for minorities and mixed races because it can be difficult finding a perfect match using stem cells from bone marrow or circulatory blood. 


Cord Blood can save lives, it treats hematopoietic and genetic disorders. We encourage you to save cord blood for your family or donate. For more information click here


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