Our Volunteer Sign Ups have Changed, Learn More:

We have some exciting news for our volunteer sign up process. In order to get the right amount of volunteers we need we have streamlined the process to our Volunteer Headquarters page. Here you will find new volunteer opportunities Monthly and some opportunities weekly. Bookmarking the volunteer headquarters page is the best place to start. 


Check back each Month for new opportunities.


Please note that volunteer opportunities are limited! This means that only a certain amount of people are allowed to sign up, once that limit is reached Volunteer sign ups are closed automatically. Comfort Build-a-Bag being the most limited, please be aware of the rules for visits to the hospital.  


What is the best way to find new opportunities? Social media! We will be posting a link to volunteer headquarters when opportunities arrive. 


Any questions? Contact Us


Thank you for your interest in the Kids Cures Foundation 









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