The Garden of Hope


What is the Garden of Hope?

The Garden of Hope is a peaceful place, a special place built by volunteers and donors. This Garden recognizes children who've lost their battles and children who've overcome their own battles. It is a place to visit, where around every plant you will find a Hope Rock. 

Each Hope Rock has a unique message of courage, strength and hope. Remembering children who have lost their battles with words of love and strength. 


The Garden of Hope is open during our business hours. Anyone is free to come and enjoy this relaxing Garden. We encourage friends and families to place a Hope Rock for a child they know, and it is as simple as calling our office or emailing us! 

The Garden of Hope even ties into our Cure Hunger Now Program. Inside the garden you will find tomato plants, pomegranate trees, and more. Cures Club and volunteers help plant and maintain the Garden of Hope and Cure Hunger Now Garden. 


We are always looking for volunteers to help garden and maintain this peaceful place.  If you would like to volunteer time contact us!