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Spider-Man, Belle and Volunteers Return to the Hospital for the first time Since COVID-19.

For 2 years our Comfort Build-a-Bag Program has suffered due to the global COVID-19 pandemic. We have gone from full visits with volunteers and characters to not being able to go inside at all. It has been a long time since we’ve been allowed into pediatrics.Over the past 2 years with restrictions in place we went from dropping off bags of toys to nurses outside, to meeting inside the lobby only and now we are finally back. See a full history of our journey through our New Posts!

On this first visit back to the pediatric ward, each volunteer took a covid test before entering the ward. This visit was also limited to a small amount of volunteers and once everyone was tested, sanitized and masked we headed into the pediatrics ward. Our two favorite characters made their grand return, Spider-Man and Belle! This is a huge moment for this program, just to be able to bring smiles to children and teens in their rooms again after 2 years. Together they went room to room dropping off toys to each child. Items passed out consisted of everything from small guitars, stuffed animals, art kits, and so much more! It was really special to be back again and brought so many emotions. Our next visit will be announced soon, so make sure you follow us on social media!

We still have yet for our full Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to return, where we customize each bag filled with coloring books, toys, stuffed animals and other various items. Each bag is custom made to fit each child’s age and/or condition. Stay tuned, as we slowly continue to shift back to our full normal visits, with more characters, and volunteers.

Special thank you to Kohl's Cares!

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