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Chosen by Elizabeth Howard

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Week of June, 5 2023

We do not remember days, we remember moments.

Cesare Pavese

Awareness Quote:

World Ocean Day - June, 8 2023

  • The ocean covers over 70% of the planet. It is our life source, supporting humanity’s sustenance and that of every other organism on earth.

  • The ocean produces at least 50% of the planet’s oxygen, it is home to most of earth’s biodiversity, and is the main source of protein for more than a billion people around the world. Not to mention, the ocean is key to our economy with an estimated 40 million people being employed by ocean-based industries by 2030.



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The Weekly Quotes were chosen by Elizabeth Howard

Elizabeth started out as an All Star for Kids Cures Foundation. She has overcame many battles and continues to volunteer with the Kids Cures Foundation. 

You can see Elizabeth at basically every Banning Food Outreach, come say hello! 

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