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Our great volunteers deliver more of our Comfort Build-a-Bag's

Each hospital visit is very special, as each one provides a different experience. Kids react with joy when receiving their Comfort Build-a-Bag's. Each one is unique to their condition and provides a special kind of comfort to children.

Volunteers love to dress up and visit each room, creating magical moments for children and their families. This time around Princess Belle came back to visit, along with Spider man, Captain America and Batman. Each volunteer gets into character to help spark the magic, and focus on each kid and their Comfort Build-a-Bag. Thanks to Kohl's Cares for always sending their associates to help deliver these bags.

Next month is our Special iconic Operation Santa visit to the Hospital. To learn more about Operation Santa stay tuned to our Social Media and website as we will have more information closer to the end of November. See you all then!

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