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November Banning Food Outreach Feeds Families in Record Time!

Families arrived early to get their bags and we gave out a total of 312 Cure Hunger Now Food Bags. Each bag this time had various items like beans, rice, canned goods, crackers and more. Our bags make good sized meals for families, helping to serve kids and parents with extra food on the table. The next Banning outreach is on December 17 10-1p while supplies last! We suggest to get there early to receive items like chicken or meat! First come first served basis.

Volunteers loaded our truck with pallets of food from our USDA food bank. Together they bagged our Cure Hunger Now Food Bags as they passed them out from the truck. Fulton Distribution donated their truck once again to help transport and feed our great communities. Each volunteer came together to pack and hand out the bags, including kids! Cures Club kids helped give out bags at our outreach, thanking and greeting people in our community.

As we always say, volunteers make it happen and we want to thank everyone who came out to help because without you all it would not be possible. Thank you to Shari and her family, including great Kohl’s Volunteers, Cures Club, John, each volunteer, and our Board Members.

Mark your calendars now so you don’t miss it, December 17 is the third Saturday this time around due to Christmas! See you then.

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