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January Brings Awareness to Blood Donations

January has been Volunteer Blood Donor Month, since 1970. Due to the weather and holidays it’s harder to get people to donate during this month. With the weather change people are more susceptible to getting sick, and don’t like to donate blood because they are worried of giving infected blood. If this is something you are concerned about you should wait until you are feeling better. Other than being sick there are many other different things that make people worried about donating blood. If you are unsure whether you can donate blood click this list of eligibility. One donation can save up to 3 people. If you have 0-neative blood type you should definitely donate. 0-negative is the universal donor and any person can get it, in case of emergencies when the blood type is not known, but all blood types are helpful.

Not only is donating blood going to be helpful to someone in need, it’s also going to be self-rewarding. Knowing you helped another is one of the most rewarding feelings. There are many people in hospitals that need blood on a daily basis, and a lot of newborn babies that need blood as well. Donating this month and the next will help many lives. For more information on blood needs, supply, donation process, blood and its components, donors and facts about American Red Cross Blood Services click here! Share this with your friends and family and they too will possibly want to donate blood.

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