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National Children's Oral Health Month is all February Long!

February is National Children’s Oral Health Month. The American Dental Association (ADA) is proud to sponsor the importance of oral health and help raise awareness. It’s a month long campaign with thousands of dedicated dental professionals, health providers and educators that aid in the teaching and providing good oral health habits to children and their families. The ADA and participating dentists across the country have made February 6, Give Kids a Smile Day and offer free dental care to children. If you would like more tips on achieving optimal oral health visit

Developing good oral habits at an early age and seeing your dentist regularly helps children get a good start to leading a healthy lifestyle. You can begin teaching your children about oral health as early as 6 months old as their teeth are only starting to grow. There has been an increasing number of children having tooth decay by the time they reach their first year of school. Tooth decay is the most common chronic diseases in the country with more than 40 percent of children who suffer from tooth decay. Bad oral habits can also lead to other health issues and tooth loss.

Keeping your mouth healthy doesn’t stop at brushing and dental visits but also involves the types of food you eat. There are many foods that provide us with the nutrients needed to keep our teeth strong and healthy. Theres a cycle that starts with good eating habits, oral health, and exercise that help lead to an overall healthy lifestyle and as parents isn’t that our goal for our children.

So lets join the ADA and all its sponsors to promote the importance of oral health and bring healthy smiles to children this February, National Children’s Oral Health Month.

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