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March brings Awareness to​ Hemophilia, find out more today!

Hemophilia awareness month focuses on teaching people the signs and symptoms of this rare bleeding disorder every year in March. It occurs when the blood doesn't clot like it should. This disease is very dangerous and common, so everyone should know how to help people who have it.

One out of every 5,000 males are born with this disease. If it's this common, then more people should be learning and talking about hemophilia. The cause of hemophilia is when there is fault in one of the genes that helps with blood clotting. It can be caused by a mutation of the genes, or a genetic gene that runs in the family, but some families have no history of hemophilia. This is alarming because it means that hemophilia can be caused by something other than genetics. It is most commonly found in males, and very rarely found in females.

Living with hemophilia may seem hard because you might always be worrying about getting hurt and bleeding. This is a reasonable thought processes, but just because you or someone you know has the disease doesn't mean you should constantly worry. But as soon as someone is diagnosed, he or she should seek treatment. There are multiple things a person can do, they can seek treatment at a government funded network: a hemophilia treatment center (HTC). The perfect HTC for you or someone you know can be found at the hemophilia treatment center directory. It is advised that a person with a bleeding disorder should take medicine precautions, reading the symptoms of medicines before they are taken to assure the medicine does not cause bleeding. The best treatment you can give yourself or someone else is just living life the way it should be lived. Live life so this disease doesn't define you.

So let's stop sitting back and listening to this rare disease as if it is nothing. Let's join in on the search for the cure and ways to prevent hemophilia. Visit the National Hemophilia Foundation to find out how you can help.

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