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It's National Autism Awareness Month!

National Autism Awareness Month is very significant because it brings awareness to this growing disorder. Autism is now more widely known, but it still needs awareness because about 1 in every 68 children born get diagnosed with it. This number seems to be getting closer and closer together within the past few years. Autism is a very complex disability that typically appears during the developmental period of childhood. It commonly affects the person’s communication skills and the way he or she interacts with others. For more signs visit the Autism Society.

Autism most commonly affects males, about 1 in 54 male births. There is no known cause of this disorder, so it is very important to raise awareness and support early diagnosis. The earlier a person is diagnosed, the more the treatment will help. This will help lead to progress and hopefully prevention. More people need to help with the research of autism, perhaps by looking at what can cure it or looking for better treatments.

In order to help someone with autism or someone who was recently diagnosed is to be open-minded, supportive, and understanding. Although autism may seem like it defines a person, it really doesn’t. The person with autism is still a human being that deserves respect. He or she still has thoughts and feelings like anyone else. Support autism awareness by finding a walk near you, attending an event, supporting corporations who support autism awareness, or by advocating for your state by voting in the next election. Help be an advocate for people with autism, to make it known to everyone that people with autism still have rights and should be treated with respect. Don’t let a disability define you or anyone else.

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