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What is Primary Immunodeficiency? April brings Awareness:

April is Primary Immunodeficiency Awareness month! This month is dedicated to this topic so people can be better informed. Primary Immunodeficiency is a large group of rare and chronic disorders. These disorders occur when a person doesn’t have an immune system nor has a malfunction in the immune system. This causes the body to be susceptible to other illnesses. There’s nothing to stop or block other illnesses from taking over the body with no or little immune system. To learn more, visit The Immune Deficiency Foundation.

This disease is caused by gene or hereditary defects. It is most commonly found in children, but it can affect anyone no matter their age or gender. A few things to keep a lookout for is if you or your child has an infection that keeps coming back, requires hospitalization, clears up slowly or not at all, and/or if it runs in the family. Warning signs are the first steps to treating this disease.

One important way to help with this disease is by sharing awareness to everyone you know. Spreading awareness is the best way to help because this disease is very sneaky and dangerous.

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