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Earth Month Cure Mother Earth Tips FINAL TIPS

This month we’ve been bringing awareness to Mother Earth and each Monday we have given 5 new tips for you to help Cure Mother Earth. We encourage everyone to take these tips and incorporate them into your life, not just this month but all year long

Here are tips 16-20:

16. Use e-Tickets: Whenever you can get your plane or movie tickets on your mobile device you should! It can save paper.

17. Don’t throw away: If you have no use for an item, instead of throwing it away, donate it to a local charity shop, or post them as free online.

18. Use reusable bags: If you live in California you should already be aware that plastic bags have a fee to use now. But even those bags are useable for a number of trips.

19. Pay bills online: It’s not only quicker and easier to pay bills online, but it could make a huge impact on the environment. We could save 18.5 million trees, 2.2 billion tonnes of greenhouse gases 1.7 billion pounds of solid waste per year.

the last tip

20. Start with YOU: This is the biggest tip we can give anyone trying to help Cure Mother Earth. It starts with you, it’s not enough to help the planet every now and then, change your habits today, start with tips 1-5, 6-10, 11-15!

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