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Huntington’s disease Awareness Month

May is Huntington’s disease awareness month! This disease is a brain disorder that is caused by a defective gene. It causes multiple changes to a person's personality. This is a genetic disease that can be inherited from his or her parents. Huntington's disease needs to be better known to everyone. It can be developed by anyone. People from 2 to 80 can get Huntington’s disease, but most commonly occurs in people ages 30 through 50.

Most symptoms that are noticeable are uncontrolled movements of the body. Some unnoticed symptoms are declined judgment, thinking, concentration, memory, and ability to organize and plan. Some changes from the brain include, mood variation, having a person repeat the same thing over and over again, and some obsessive- compulsive behavior. For more information on symptoms visit The Alzheimer's Association.

There is still not a cure for Huntington’s disease. Many people, including doctors and scientists, are trying to figure out a cure or a way to slow down symptoms. The best way to treat this disease is to focus on managing symptoms. Try to manage each individual symptom for better results. It’s best to talk to a doctor on the proper way to manage symptoms. For anyone suffering from Huntington’s disease or know someone with it the best way to help is to stay positive, see a doctor, and to not get discouraged. It may be hard but know that there are people out there right now trying to find a way to help.

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