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May National Lupus Awareness Month

1.5 million people have lupus in America. Lupus is a disease that is chronic and can damage any part of the body. This disease has affected so many people and will affect much more. This is why we have the entire month of May dedicated to bring awareness to it. Lupus is hard to differentiate from other diseases because it can affect any part of the body looking like an imitator. For more information visit the National Resource Center on Lupus.

Lupus is caused by something going wrong in the immune system. Without the proper immune system the body can't fight off common viruses, germs, and bacteria. With the immune system functioning differently, it gets confused and then starts attacking and destroying healthy tissues. Lupus can be mild to life threatening. It is important to seek treatment from a doctor. With the proper treatment from a specialized doctor, people can live a full and healthy life.

To debunk some common misconceptions, lupus is not contagious and it is not related to cancer, HIV, or AIDS in any way. One common thing between lupus and cancer is a drug. A drug that is commonly used in chemotherapy is also used for lupus. Common symptoms of lupus can range in a wide variety.

Ways to help is to stay informed and to be understanding if someone you know has it. For people suffering from lupus, it is important to maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercising regularly and having a healthy diet. Lupus can be managed in most cases, it all depends if he or she seeks the correct treatments from doctors.

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