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Lots of Food Handed out to Families at Repplier Park

On June 24 volunteers came out to Repplier Park in Banning to hand out our Cure Hunger Now Food Bags. We had over 10 volunteers helping out from kids to adults, all happy to help. Inside each bag was canned goods, raisins, rice, beans, and more. Depending on your place in line some people received frozen chicken, some boxes of cereal, and some bread. This time around there was a lot of food to offer to kids and families.

events here. Our outreach line stretched far, but luckily the tall trees provided shade for everyone. We had extra food this time around as many families in some cases, left with a case of juice, or 4 boxes of cereal for example. As a reminder our next Banning outreach is July 22 don’t miss it! 10-1p while supplies last as always, and make sure to get there early! Check out upcoming

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