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What is Newborn Screening? Why is it important? Find out:

This month we bring Awareness to the importance of Newborn Screening for all babies. When babies are screened early for diseases ahead of time it saves you the burden down the road. There is nothing more devastating than learning your child has a disease that could have been treated if a newborn screening had taken place before leaving the hospital.

The newborn screening process is very simple, by simply drawing blood by pricking the babies heel within 24 10 48 hours after birth. Then it is sent to be analyzed for a number of disorders including metabolic disorders, hormonal issues, blood disorders and more. If you receive results as normal, then your baby is fine. Abnormal results means that there is an increased risk for that child, more tests will happen. If confirmation tests prove positive the treatment will begin immediately for the child in question. Some states even screen for hearing loss before a baby leaves the hospital.

Newborn screening can literally save a child's life and so there is no reason for anyone not to have their baby screened. These tests can make all the difference in your child's life. Share this today.

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