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Kids Cures Foundation Wins Judges Honor Trophy in the Stagecoach Parade!

Every year in Banning California the Annual Stagecoach Parade is held bringing the community and families together. This year it was held on September 9th 2017 and Since 1957, Stagecoach Days has held their parade down Ramsey Street. Everyone from businesses, BHS Band, BHS Football Players, Horses, non-profits and more come out to put on a good show for residents of Banning.

With so much Banning has to offer, this years Parade was huge! Our float was phenomenal, decorated in a western American theme with our banners and volunteers bringing positivity and energy to the Stagecoach parade. We would like to thank Jerry Ferguson, Pattie Garner and their Square dance club, the Pass Resource Center, volunteers, everyone on the float, our drivers guiding us, and sponsors.

It was a lot of fun to be playing high energy music and getting the crowed excited. Cures Club kids got to be a part of this awesome time, waving and bringing smilies. We cannot wait til next year’s parade because we had such a blast at our first Stagecoach parade. Thank you to the city of Banning and The Non-Profit Stagecoach Days Association for everything that they do to raise money to be able to provide Banning with special family memories and more.

With high energy, and spirit we were able to take home a trophy. We won the Judges Honor Trophy, and without support from everyone this wouldn't of been possible. Our volunteers were elated to learn that all their hard work had paid off to win a trophy.

We hope our float was able to reach more people in town who might not know about our Cure Hunger Now food outreach in Banning, or our visits to children in the hospital and more. Hope to see you all next year! See photos in the Gallery below!

Thank You for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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