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SIDS Awareness Month is this October, what does it stand for and what does it mean? Learn more:

October brings awareness to SIDS which stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome. In 2014 3,500 infants died suddenly and unexpectedly in the U.S. 1,500 infants have died of SIDS in 2014 which makes this the leading cause of death for infants aged 1 to 12 months. There is no known cause for SIDS. ASSB also known as Accidental Suffocation and Strangulation in Bed can cause infants to suddenly die overnight. This is caused by a number of accidents:

  • Suffocation by Bedding

  • When Another Person rolls on top or against the infant

  • When an infant is wedged between two objects, like a wall and a mattress

  • When an infants head gets caught in between crib railings causing strangulation.

Many doctors and researchers don’t know the exact causes of SIDS. Parents and caregivers can take the following actions to help reduce the risk of SIDS and other sleep related causes of deaths in infants, here is what you should not do with infants:

  • Place babies on their backs when going to sleep

  • Use a firm sleep surface, and safety approved crib covered with a fitted sheet

  • Do not share your bed with your baby.

  • Babies should not sleep with adults on a bed, couch, chair with or without an adult.

  • Keep pillows and loose bedding out of your baby's sleep area.

  • Do not smoke during pregnancy or around the baby because it’s a strong risk for SIDS.

Remember that SIDS stands for Sudden Infant Death Syndrome, and can happen to anyone. Please share this awareness with your friends and family today.

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