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American Heart Month brings Awareness to the Importance of our Hearts

February is considered the month of love thanks to Valentines Day, but really it is the perfect time to talk about hearts. Our hearts are important for our overall health. For kids it is important to start taking care of their health early, because for adults Heart Disease is the #1 killer in the US for both men and women!

This stunning fact is actually perfect motivation to get your health in check. Every year, 1 in 4 deaths are caused by heart disease. You can prevent heart disease by making healthy choices and manage your health conditions. Eating right, not smoking and drinking can help lower your risks of heart disease. Small changes like using spices to season food instead of salt can also help. Physical activity is important to preventing as well, just remember that some of these methods help prevent for some but may not for others.

According to, “While Americans of all backgrounds can be at risk for heart disease, African American men, especially those who live in the southeast region of the United States, are at the highest risk for heart disease. 2 Additionally, more than 40 percent of African Americans have high blood pressure, a leading cause of heart disease and stroke.” With more information you can be on your way to making sure your heart is healthy. It is important to spread awareness this month with friends and families.

Steps to make a difference:

-Schedule a visit with your doctor to discuss heart health

-Add exercise to your daily routine

-Eat healthy always

-Quit smoking by taking small steps

-Take medication as prescribed by your doctor.

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