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Melanoma and Skin Cancer detection and protection

Melanoma is a tumor of melanin-forming cells, associated with skin cancer. If caught early skin cancer can be treated and cured. If left untreated the cancer can spread to other areas of the body, treating can be harder and it can become fatal. Although melanoma isn’t common it causes the most deaths. If melanoma spreads to multiple parts of the body, survivable is 18%.

To spot melanoma or skin cancer keep note of any new moles, growths that being to get larger or randomly appear or discoloration. Check to see if you have any sores that won’t heal, bleed or itch. Look for the “ugly duckling sign” or any spot that looks far different than others that were originally on your skin, like darker freckles.

  1. Lack of symmetry

  2. Border Irregularity

  3. Color variability

  4. Size bigger than 6 millimeters

  5. Evolution or change, traveling of spots or growths.

As soon as melanoma is diagnosed and staged, your doctor will talk about treatment methods with you, and send you to a dermatologist, or skin doctor. Depending on the stage of the cancer, the treatments might differ and include, chemotherapy, radiation therapy, even surgery. Most early stages can be treated with surgery alone. Most of the time Melanoma is treatable and curable, but you can help yourself by checking your body monthly for new spots or growths.

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