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Don’t let your Child’s Teeth Decay! It’s Children’s Dental Health Month:

Teeth are very important, and if we start protecting our teeth at a young age, the better off our teeth will be. February reminds us to take time to prevent certain gum diseases, cavities and more. Tooth decay is the most common chronic disease in children. When it comes to tooth decay specifically it’s best to brush with fluoride toothpaste and keep children from getting cavities.

The best way to avoid tooth decay and cavities is to watch what you and your child eat. Do not drink a lot of carbonated drinks, candy, and foods that decay teeth. It’s very important to brush your teeth more than once a day, and kids sometimes don’t want to brush their teeth. This is the only way to really prevent tooth decay and cavities.

If your child is having problems brushing their teeth, make it fun for them. You can start by playing their favorite song while brushing their teeth, have a dance party. Motivating your child to brush their teeth with encouragement and then rewarding for good behavior. You can let them choose the next movie to watch on family night, or pick out their favorite bed time story before bed, whatever your child likes, reward them.

To make brushing your teeth even more fun, let your child pick out their own tooth brush and even their own tooth paste. So by brushing more often and eating better we can have beautiful smiles to share with the ones we love.

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