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Earth Month 2019 is over, see the top tips:

Earth Month is here! You can expect to see an increase in tips on how to help the planet all month long on social media as well as every Monday in April. Together we will count down our Top 20 ways to help the planet. This week we our final tips were added, and we hope that you continue to Cure Mother Earth all year long. We will continue to bring you updates via Kids Cures social media accounts.

20. Adjusting the temperature in your home by just one degree can save you 10% on your energy use over the year.

19. A lot of things can be sourced second hand. This means handing down items that can be used again such as a bicycle. This helps cut down on your carbon footprint.

18. If your car has a cruise control, then do use it! This will help to improve your mileage at least by 15%, which will in the process save the environment, gasoline and your wallet.

17. There are multiple benefits to planting a tree in your garden. It is good for the environment both the land and the air, it can shade your home. Not only all of this but planting a tree can help increase the value of your home.

16. Energy efficient lightbulbs are a simple way to reduce the amount of power you use. By replacing just one lightbulb, the effect can be tremendous. If everyone switched to energy efficient lightbulbs in the U.S. it would equal removing 1 million cars from the roads, leading to pollution.

*NEW* 4/8/19

15. We think this is just as important as energy efficient lights, turning them off. Turn off your lights when you are not in the room.

14. Try to water first thing before the sun is up to reduce water wasted to evaporation. Rake old clippings by hand, or leave them to fertilise your soil. Use vinegar on weeds instead of harsh weed killers.

13. Recycle your old cell phone 130 million cell phones are being disposed of each year these go into landfill sites, the toxins from the cell battery leak into the soil and pollute the ground. Use a recycling program.

12. Make sure that your car's tires are in good condition and inflated properly, and your engine is running properly. the vehicle will be more efficient on fuel. This reduces pollution and saves you money. It’s worth cleaning out the trunk now and again too – extra weight uses extra fuel.

11. Every ton of glass that is recycled saves nine gallons of the oil used for fuel to produce new glass.

*NEW* 4/15/19

10. Use E-tickets on your mobile phone to help save on paper. It’s also really convenient.

9. No plastic bags! Did you know they sit in landfills where they often end up polluting the ocean and infiltrating food sources? Use a stronger, reusable bag.

8. If everyone in the USA who washes their own cars used a car wash even once, it would save 8.7 billion gallons of water per year

7. Don’t throw away perfectly good things just because you’re sick of them, or no longer have use for them. Instead, donate them to a local charity shop, or list them on a free collection site online.

6. Reduce your junk mail. The average American citizen receives forty pounds of junk mail per year – forty pounds! You can register for services that reduce the amount of junk mail you receive.

5. Every year, 138 billion straws and stirrers are thrown away in the USA

4. Pay household bills online If every US household received electronic statements, then we could save 18.5 million trees.

3. Cancel paper bank statements, this can also help save millions of trees. Use your online banking, and save files to your secured hard drive.

2. Using rechargeable batteries for your daily needs like remotes, keyboards, fake candles and more can get costly and harm landfills. Buy rechargeable batteries and never have to worry about not having charged batteries.

1. And finally, most might have predicted this; our top tip for 2019 is to share the knowledge, and encourage people you know. Lead by example and if someone doesn't recycle, recycle for them, stop at nothing to Cure Mother Earth: Our Home.

See you next Earth Month!

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