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The Easter Bunny Delivers Comfort Build-a-Bag's with Kohl's Cares Volunteers

One of the special things about our Comfort Build-a-Bag visits, are the hearts of those who bring it all together. Kids Cures Foundation hand packs each bag, and our volunteers help deliver them. Kohl’s Cares volunteers have been a huge help over the past few years; each visit new stores come along to experience this special program. Kohl’s Cares and their family members help decorate cards for children in the hospital. Check out Princess Belle holding two of these adorable Easter cards below.

Each Kohl’s Cares volunteer got to personally deliver a child their personal Comfort Build-a-Bag with the Easter Bunny. Children always get excited when they see Captain America, and Belle. One young girl was scared to get her shot, but by the time we came back around to re-visit her, she had conquered her fear. Princess Belle told her how brave she was and wished her all the best.

The Easter Bunny posed with families, doctors and nurses—bringing Easter joy throughout the pediatric hallways. Each child received a bunny and book, as shown above. These books were paid for by donations and purchased at Kohl's. Boys and Girls really got a kick out of their Comfort Build-a-Bag, and we want to thank everyone who makes this possible. Sponsors, Donors and Volunteers all come together to make these visits special for children.

Thank you Kohl's Cares for your Dedication Over Many Years.

Stay tuned to for the next Hospital Visit with Kohl's Cares and Friends.

Thank You for Believing in Us.

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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