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Cure Hunger Now Food Outreaches in Banning Give out Hundreds of Items to Families

On July 27, our Foundation gave out 300 bags to people in our communities through our Food Outreach program called Cure Hunger Now. Each bag is full of canned goods, rice, beans, meat, cheese and other snacks. Our volunteers and Beaumont Pass Resource center hand pack each bag as a team. It’s a lot of work loading and unloading pallets and boxes of food. Then bagging and reloading again, these volunteers make it happen.

At this outreach we gave out USDA ground beef and blocks of cheese along with canned veggies and more from Feeding America. Families will be able to create some good meals from each Cure Hunger Now Food bag which also included Mission Tortilla Chips. Just a day before volunteers packed and loaded 300 bags; and that was not easy in the July heat. Dedication and teamwork is embodied by each volunteer.

If you want to be a part of the Banning Cure Hunger Now team you can click here, and select the corresponding options to our Saturday Outreaches at 9am. If you are in need of food our outreach in Banning is every 4th Saturday, unless it’s a holiday weekend, or weather permitting. Stay up to date by following us on all social media so you don’t miss a thing.

Upcoming dates:

August 24

September 28

October 26

November 23

December (to be announced)

Thank you for Believing in Us!

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