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First Comfort Build-a-Bag visit of 2020 brought Toys, Princesses and Super Heroes to Children in the

On Jan 21, we had our 119th Comfort Build-a-Bag visit. On these visits we take bags packed with various items for kids. Toys from our Christmas Toy Drive and Sparks of Love went into these bags and will continue throughout the year. Items ranged from Dolls to Art Sets to Soccer Balls—each bag is made to each child’s age and condition. Comfort Build-a-Bag’s contain great toys to get kids minds off of treatments and onto playing and being kids. It’s exciting to receive toys, we all know that feeling when we were a kid, every toy was special and fun.

Characters have become a staple of our Comfort Build-a-Bag visits, and our friends returned again. Snow White, Bell, Pocahontas, Jasmine, Elsa, Spider-Man and Captain America all tagged along together. With this many characters, each kid had a favorite to be excited for. A young patient laid in her bed gripping onto her Elsa doll, when suddenly Elsa appeared at the door to greet her. Both Elsa and the young girl smiled with happiness. Boys were excited to see Spider-Man and Captain America visit them and bring them a surprise. One nurse was especially excited to see her favorite: Captain America, stopping him for a selfie. Comfort Build-a-Bag visits are fun for Children, nurses and doctors.

Inside each bag were cards made by Brielle and Brileen with kids Ella, Willoh, and Shyloh. Every visit these great people craft some of the BEST cards, and they are truly one of kind each month!

Volunteers on this trip contained familiar and new faces, thank you all for coming and supporting this visit. We couldn’t do it without all of your help, and we mean it! This group of people that help make these visits happen are true Angels! Special Shout Out to our great sponsor and partner: Kohl's Cares.

Please enjoy photo’s of this month’s visit, and stay tuned for the next one!

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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