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Earth Month 2020: Tips #20-16 CountDown

Earth Month is all about awareness for the planet, and we think the best way to get people motivated to help the planet is to give them some tips on how to do just that. So each Monday in April 5 tips will be revealed, counting down to the #1 tip for 2020.

Tips 20-16:

20. Loving those battery operated candles? Need batteries for your remotes etc? Switching to rechargeable batteries is a good choice when helping to keep landfills free of more items the Earth does not need to digest.

19. You should avoid using portable heaters when and if you can. They provide spot heating, unlike central heating, and require a large amount of energy consumption per unit of supplied heat. These heaters are the less eco-friendly option.

18. Switching to natural cosmetic/beauty products is another way to help Cure Mother Earth. This helps to reduce the environmental impact by not using products that are made of heavy chemicals. You also will be able to avoid irritation to your skin and side effects that can be damaging to your health.

17. Don’t leave appliances on when not In use, shut off instead of using standby mode. While you might think standby mode is saving energy, it is not.

16. Avoid washing small loads of dishes and clothes. Fill them both up as much as you can, this will help save water. Some might feel like saving water is not important, but it always is! “

If American households were more judicious about laundry, each year they would save enough water to fill more than 7 million swimming pools.”

Share these tips using Hashtag's #CureMotherEarth and #KidsCures

We Only Have One Planet, Let's Protect it Together.

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