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Earth Month 2020: Tips #15-11 CountDown

Earth Month is all about awareness for the planet, and we think the best way to get people motivated to help the planet is to give them some tips on how to do just that. So each Monday in April, 5 tips will be revealed, counting down to the #1 tip for 2020.

15. Purchase Tupperware that gets you excited to use! This will help cut back on plastic waste from freezer bags and sandwich bags.

14. Junk mail can be really annoying, especially when it comes to your house. In the US if we reduced the junk mail we receive every week, 100 million trees would be spared each year. You can go to to opt out of those pesky credit card offers. And for unsolicited catalogs,

13. Love drinking water out of plastic bottles? STOP! Find a cool water bottle that represents you and use it. Americans use 3.3 Million plastic bottles every hour but only recycle 1 in five!!

12. Think about Local Food. Your last meal could have traveled thousands of miles just to reach wherever you bought it. Find food near you like farm stands, green markets, and conscientious supermarkets; they all offer locally grown produce.

11. Start cycling! Biking can reduce more than 90 percent of greenhouse gas emissions. You can go on a bike ride to the store at least once or twice a week to help. You get exercise and you get to be outside in the fresh air.

Share these tips using Hashtag's #CureMotherEarth and #KidsCures

We Only Have One Planet, Let's Protect it Together.

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