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Bringing Joy to Children: Batman and Belle Make a Heartwarming Return to the Hospital

Comfort Build-a-Bag visits provide children in the hospital with surprise visits from characters and volunteers. Volunteers then pass out items to children like blankets, toys, coloring books, stuffed animals, and more. For over a decade our program has helped bring joy to thousands of children during their most difficult times.

This visit our good friends Belle and Batman returned to help pass out items from Comfort Build-a-Bag’s to children. We haven’t seen Batman in a few months, so it’s good to see our friend back to visit kids. Mickey Mouse’s, Dolls, Blankets, Toys and more were passed out room to room. Spreading love and joy, Belle and Batman surprised each child.

These visits are special, they allow children to get their minds off of treatments and onto some fun. Comfort Build-a-Bag allows kids to be kids during some of the scariest times. Special thank you to Kohl’s Cares team and volunteers, you guys are amazing. Stay tuned for the next Comfort Build-a-Bag visit.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation


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