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Comfort Build-a-Bag's Bring More Blankets, Toys and Joy to Children in the Hospital

When COVID happened our Comfort Build-a-Bag program struggled the most with lots of restrictions that changed the visits. For a year we were dropping off toys in the back of the hospital and another year with limited volunteers allowed, masking and COVID testing. Finally we are allowed to increase in volunteers and return without restrictions.

On this visit volunteers from Kohls Cares went room to room handing kids blankets, toys, coloring books, and more. Super Mario and Belle returned to the hospital and took photos with children and their siblings. Any siblings also received Comfort items from characters allowing everyone to have fun together.

Comfort Build-a-Bag visits are magical and create joy and surprise for kids. Some patients have been visited multiple times based on the length of their stay, it is very comforting to revisit and continue to help them during their journey. Comfort Build-a-Bag’s provide mental and even physical therapy for children. Stay tuned for the next visit on June 29 check social media throughout the day to see photos/video as they are posted.

See more photos below:


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