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Comfort Build-a-Bag’s Get Delivered and We Run Into Some Furry Friends!

Our Comfort Build-a-Bag program provides children in the hospital with toys, blankets, activities, games and more, helping them get their minds off of treatments and onto some fun. With the help of volunteers, Kohls Cares and Characters we deliver room to room providing comfort and fun during a very scary time for kids.

During this visit on June 29, Spider-Man and Belle came back together to help spread good vibes throughout the pediatric ward. Children received various items like coloring books, stuffed animals, blankets, toys and more. While delivering bags we ran into our favorite furry friends from East Valley Therapy Dogs. These dogs help provide a sense of comfort as well for children. It was a lot of fun meeting up with them, and we will run into them again sometime.

This was another successful visit, and if you would like to volunteer please sign up. Thank you to Kohl’s Cares and volunteers for helping make another special visit. Stay tuned for the July visit on July 27.


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