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Families receive Apples, Meat and More at 2021's First Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach

On January 30th we held our monthly Banning Cure Hunger Now Food Outreach at Repplier Park. At this outreach families received canned goods, bread, meat, and apples. Volunteers helped pack and pass out bags to families in our communities. We passed out over 200 bags of food to families.

The weather in surrounding areas this week has been mixed emotions, with rain and snow making an appearance. Luckily, it was a gorgeous beautiful Saturday morning, allowing for a smooth outreach. As for the day before, Volunteers braved the rainy weather and helped load the trailer borrowed by our friends at Venture Church of Beaumont. It was difficult to be in the rain but they all did it, thank you guys so much.

Special thank you to Venture Church of Beaumont,

Center of Hope and City Bridge Volunteers.

We hope to see you all back next Month!

Check out more photos:


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