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January Brings Awareness to Birth Defects

This month we take the time to bring awareness to Birth Defects. Birth Defects are common, costly and critical. 1 in every 33 babies born in the United States have some type of Birth Defect. They are the leading cause of infant death, accounting for 20% of all infant deaths.

There are various types of Birth Defects, Brain/Spine, Eye, Heart, Mouth, Face, Stomach, Intestine, Muscle, Bone, and Chromosome Defects. Here you can find a full list of the different specific types.

Not all Birth Defects can be prevented, but you can limit your risk by leading a healthy lifestyle. There are 5 tips that the CDC recommends for preventing Birth Defects.

Best for You. Best for Baby.

  • Before you get pregnant, try to reach a healthy weight.

  • Be sure to take 400 micrograms (mcg) of folic acid every day.

-Folic acid is important because it can help prevent some major birth defects of the baby’s brain and spine.

  • Book a visit with your healthcare provider before stopping or starting any medicine.

  • Become up-to-date with all vaccines, including the flu shot.

  • Boost your health by avoiding substances that are harmful during pregnancy.

-Alcohol, Tobacco and other drugs.

This month help spread awareness by sharing this article, and using the hashtag:


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