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"Let's-a go!" Mario Delivers Comfort Build-a-Bags to Children in the Hospital with Belle.

Comfort Build-a-Bag visits bring various items to children in the hospital to bring them comfort and joy. Comfort Build-a-Bag’s are a great way to get kids minds off of treatments and onto some fun. We are still following strict COVID-19 protocols and hope to be back to more volunteers and characters as soon as we can.

On this visit, Super Mario visited for the first time! Joining Belle on her regular visits to the hospital. Belle and Mario went room to room dropping of items to children. Items consisted of coloring books, activity books, blankets, Rubik’s cubes, games and more! Kids were excited to see Mario the iconic video game character come to life and visit them. Our Comfort Build-a-Bag visits have been bringing joy for a little over 10 years. We encourage you to donate toys this holiday season as they will continue to be delivered every month to the Hospital! We also encourage you to view our news section for even more Comfort Build-a-Bag visits!

Stay tuned for our Christmas visit on December 23 we will be posting photos on our instagram, twitter and Facebook accounts first so make sure you follow us! Very Special Thank you to Kohl's Cares!

See more photos below:

Courage, Strength, Hope

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