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More Delicious Food Given to Families at Repplier Park through Our Cure Hunger Now Program

Cure Hunger Now Community Food Outreaches help provide quality USDA food to families. This extra help each month can help when kids are not eating enough in a food insecure household. During these times of high gas prices and inflation, our food bags provide a little relief. Our bags/boxes come packed with various items delivered by Feeding America.

Each outreach is held on specific dates so make sure you click here to see the next dates!

At this latest outreach families picked up various meats, bread, twinkies, cakes, snacks, cheese, pretzels, spaghetti sauce, spaghetti noodles, boxed milk, tomato soup and more! Volunteers packed, loaded and delivered bags to each vehicle. Volunteers from the Kids Cures Foundation, the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, and the City of Banning came out to help. After the outreach volunteers enjoyed some donuts and water for all of their hard work. Thank you to our volunteers, sponsors and donors.

This outreach fed over 500 people, and provided over 1,200 meals for this month. We encourage anyone that might need a little extra help to come to these outreaches to receive some free food. Please check here for the next dates.

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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