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Spider-Man Returns to the Hospital on this Latest Comfort Build-a-Bag Visit

Comfort Build-a-Bags provide quality toys, blankets, and more to children in the Hospital. Items are tailored to each child’s condition, and are designed to get their minds off of treatments and onto some fun. For over 11 years we have been delivering each month to our partner Kaiser.

Many characters have joined us over the years, from Elsa to Pocohantas to BayMax. It has been a few months since Spider-Man has swung into the pediatric ward. This month he returned to help bring smiles and joy to children. Kohls Cares volunteers help deliver room to room as well, and are a huge sponsor of this program.

There is nothing like seeing a child excited to receive a surprise visit during a hard time in their lives. Thank you to all of the volunteers that help bring such joy. Stay tuned for the next Comfort Build-a-Bag visit.

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation


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