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Kids Cures Foundation goes on their 110th Comfort Build-a-Bag visit!

Comfort Build-a-Bag is a program that brings out the joy in kids. Each Comfort Build-a-Bag is hand packed and made to each child’s age and medical condition. This latest visit was our 110th visit, and what a special one it was. For the first time ever Pocahontas joined Spider-Man, Captain America, Snow White and Princess Belle. Children received some pretty cool bags full of various items to help get their minds off treatments, and onto some fun! Items ranged from Avengers toys, Frozen, Mickey and Minnie Mouse stuffed animals and so much more.

See some photos of the items included below:

Comfort Build-a-Bag has created magic in each hospital room that we visit. Kohl’s Cares volunteers lend a helping hand by creating unique cards that go inside the bags. Volunteers also help by carrying bags down hallways, and helping pass them out to Children. These visits are magical and if you would like to be a part of Comfort Build-a-Bag click here and select the corresponding options.

Comfort Build-a-Bag visits are extremely limited on space, and not all requests can be fulfilled.

Stay tuned to see our next Comfort Build-a-Bag visit, and make sure you follow us on Social Media to stay up to date on latest events, volunteer opportunities, fundraisers and more!

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

See more photo's:


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