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First Comfort Build-a-Bag visit of 2017 gives out a record number of bags!

Comfort Build-a-Bag’s provide children and teens in the hospital with fantastic items to help provide comfort and fun to them during their treatments. Each bag contains items tailored toward each child’s needs and age. Bags on this trip were decorated by volunteers who took the time to hand craft each bag with characters and sweet quotes. Inside each bag varies, but every item is donated or purchased through your support!

Princess Belle, Batman, Super Man, and Spider Man came along to help create joy and comfort for kids. Kohl’s Cares volunteers also got the chance to visit kids, and seeing each child’s face light up, is priceless and magical. With over 10 volunteers to help carry 22 bags, we got to go room to room together. This time more kids were added to the list, and we brought extra bags and items just for them with a total of a little over 30 bags given out. This marks the most in one visit to the hospital and we are happy to be able to provide great moments for kids and families to help relieve

even just a little bit of stress.

Kids love our bags, and we even had a little girl and her father chase us down to see Spider Man one more time! Even the nurses love seeing us, as one woman was excited to see Belle and also chased her down. Comfort Build-a-Bag visits provide excitement and fun for everyone, including siblings and parents, as they get the chance to have a one on one experience

each month.

Without the support from our amazing communities we wouldn't be able to provide the items inside these bags. This trip included many great items from Disney Princess, to Minecraft Lego sets. Many items inside rolled over from our 8th Annual Operation Santa Christmas Toy Drive. Donors and volunteers make these trips possible, check back next month for more Comfort Build-a-Bag greatness.

Thank you for Believing in Us!

Courage, Strength, Hope

Kids Cures Foundation

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