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The Importance of Recycling

This month is Earth Month not just Earth Day or Earth Week, but a whole month!Many of us take our planet and its resources for granted thinking that we have an unlimited supply of resources to draw from, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. As the years go by, more people are born, more resources used and less and less does our planet have to sustain us. In school we learned to reduce, recycle and reuse to help save the planet, and what was true then… is even truer now. Recycling is crucial to help keep our planet going along and keeping it intact for future generations. By recycling we use less energy, less resources such as trees for paper products, sand for glass, mineral ore for aluminum, etc. Not only is it good for the Earth, it’s good for your wallet. By learning to save energy at home you lower your electricity bill at home, not to mention that most recyclables that you turn into recyclable centers such as: glass bottles, plastic bottles and aluminum cans, give money back into your wallet depending on the CR-V amount on the container.

Trees are important to us in so many ways. The more paper products that we use means more trees that we have to cut down providing us with less clean oxygen. The same can be said about plastics, aluminum, and glass, of any sort. When those materials are taken from the Earth it causes us to destroy the environment in which we got it from, as well as create less resources for us to use later. Not only that but the plants and mills that use those materials to make the products often pollute our water and air giving us even less clean air to breathe. How many of us have seen the Disney Pixar movie Wall-E where the planet is covered in nothing but trash? While that movies is purely fictional, there is some truth to it. If as a people we recycle less and less the recyclable products will take more and more space at land fills till the land fills over flow. So we need to take the time this month to put aside our laziness and separate our recyclables, use less energy at home, use less water and make sure that all our trash gets to the trash cans. So share the news by sharing this article, lets all do our part to help Cure Mother Earth!

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